Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quando passate...Lorsque vous passez ...When you pass by...

When you pass by ...

When you pass by release a smile,
that remains when leaving.
All those who leave me with a smile
become my friends.
I encourage you to leave your smile ...

Quando passate ...

Quando passate un sorriso lasciate,
che rimanga quando ve ne andate.
Tutti quelli che mi lasceranno un sorriso
diventeranno MIEI AMICI.
Vi invito a lasciare il vostro sorriso ...

Lorsque vous passez ...
Lorsque vous passez relâchez un sourire,
qui reste lorsque vous quittez.
Tous ceux qui me laissent un sourire
deviennes mes amis.
Je vous invite à laisser votre sourire ...

Cuisine is an art. 
Cuisine is when you enter a dinig-room 
and the aromas seduce you. 
Cuisine is when you feel awkward 
when you pass by. 
Cuisine is when everything reminds you 
of flavours. 
Cuisine is a sum of details, 
a complete and breath-taking image 
of your favourite dish.

Campo Ceni IGT Toscana...

A Tuscan red wine made from Sangiovese (a vine that could not be more Italian!) And a small point of the International Merlot, all has stayed in oak barrels for 6 months. You will be in the presence of simple wine, primary, while also soft and fruity. You'll smell hints of sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. The tannins are quite tender and melted. The Ricasoli estate also produces noteworthy Chiantis.

A good companion for pastas and pizzas at the Italian restaurant Baffetto de Roma!