Thursday, December 23, 2010

La cuisine idéal est toujours de se souvenir. / La cucina ideale è sempre da ricordare.

«Cucina: un'arte il cui giudice sarà il tuo palato.»

"Cuisine: un art dont le juge est à votre palais."

"Food: and art in which the judge will be your mouth."

Italy is rich in tasty products and its cooking is among the best known in the world.

A traditional meal represents an arduous experience, and Italians are increasingly being selective in their choices.   No one will be surprised if you opt for an appetizer and a first or second course, and skip the cheese and sweets. Some eyebrows will be raised, however, if you choose to drink soda with your meal. If you wish to avoid wine, even in reasonable amounts, then a good fall-back position is to order a mineral water which is surprisingly pleasant and is in fact supposed to be the most appropriate beverage for pasta dishes.

Rigatoni with Italian sausage ...

It's winter so what you need is something warm and hearty, this pasta dish is it !

Rigatoni à la sauce piquante avec saucisse...
Que dire de ce plat de pâtes ? 
Un délice à dévorer...

Ingrédients :

500 g de rigatoni
1 grosse boîte de tomates pêlées
1 oignon
1 gousse d'ail
4 saucisses de porc aux herbes
4 tranches de bacon
1 c.à,s. de persil haché
60 g de parmesan râpé
2 c.à,c. d'huile d'olive
1 pincée de piment forts
sel et poivre au gout

Préparation :

Eplucher et émincer l'oignon. Eplucher la gousse d'ail, et l'écraser (retirer le germe).
Faire chauffer l'huile d'olive dans une sauteuse et y faire suer l'oignon avec la gousse d'ail. Lorsque l'oignon est légèrement doré, ajouter le bacon coupé en lamelles et laisser cuire quelques instants en remuant.
Ajouter les tomates en boîte avec leur jus et le piment. Porter à ébullition. Découper les saucisses en tronçons de 3 cm et les ajouter à la sauce. Couvrir, baisser le feu et laisser mijoter pendant 20 minutes.

Pendant ce temps, plonger les pâtes dans une grande casserole d'eau bouillante salée et laisser cuire pendant le temps indiqué sur l'emballage. Egoutter les pâtes et les jeter dans la sauteuse avec la sauce. Ajouter le persil et mélanger soigneusement. Servir parsemé de parmesan et déguster sans attendre...

Note : 
J'ai utilisé des saucisses au goût de fenouil, disponible à partir de bonnes charcuteries italiennes ...

Additional Notes :

A typical sausage consists of ground meat that's combined with fat, flavorings, and preservatives, and then stuffed into a casing and twisted at intervals to make links. Pork is most commonly used, but butchers also use beef, lamb, veal, turkey, chicken, or game, and some also use fillers like oatmeal and rice to stretch the meat a bit. Casings vary too--in addition to intestines or artificial casings, butchers sometimes use stomachs, feet, skins, or they do away with casings altogether and sell the sausage in bulk. After assembling a sausage, a butcher can either sell it as fresh sausage, or else cure, dry, or precook it in some way.

It is no secret that I love Italian food, 
pasta especially ...

You can use any kind of Italian sausage that you would like. I prefer to use hot, but this would be just as good with mild or even sweet Italian sausage. Just keep in mind when you are seasoning the sauce that the sausage can be kind of salty so you will want to adjust your salt accordingly.