Monday, October 31, 2011

Monica, Chocolate and Red Wine...«'cca nisciuno è fesso!»

Ti amo, ti amo, ti amo ...
Some might consider this chorus from the famous song by Umberto Tozzi 
as a true declaration of love. 
After all, yours truly tells what he wants on his blog ...


For those who want to extend the
tasting of their red wine to the 
end of the meal, a very interesting pairing
can also be done with 
Dark Chocolate:

the more the cocoa content is high
(and thus, less sweet the chocolate will be)
the pairing will be more successful ...

If you're like me, pairing decadently dark chocolate with the perfect red wine is one of the most luxuriously delicious experiences under the sun.

Both wine and chocolate can be very complex on their own, so keep it simple with three basics:

* The wine you select must be perceived as sweeter than the chocolate.
** Since chocolate coats your mouth when you eat it, you'll need a wine that's big enough to cut through its richness.
*** Try looking for flavors in both that are similar to one another.

The richest, most intensely flavored chocolates are known as the bittersweet darks, which contain the least amount of sugar, and the greatest amount of cacao - anywhere from about 71 and 100 percent. 

Their bitter, roasted flavoring is so intense, that it really needs a strong red wine to balance the taste.

Masi Campofiorin - An evolution of Ripasso...

Masi Campofiorin is not exactly a Ripasso in the traditional sense. It is a special type of 'double fermentation' technique patented by Masi. The wine is made from the the local Valpolicella grapes (Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara), which are vinified fresh after harvest (no drying). Meanwhile, other Valpolicella grapes are left to dry for a number of weeks. These semi-dried grapes are then added to the newly fermented Valpolicella wine, and a short second fermentation, so to speak, ensues. The resulting Masi Campofiorin wine is more full-bodied, richer and more complex than the classic Valpolicella, yet more accessible and drinkable when younger than an Amarone. It seems to combine freshness and elegance with power and concentration. I find that the drying process also magnifies the sensation of minerality and place in the wine. 

Life's an adventure. Dark Chocolate and Masi Campofiorin, the presentation was meant to be romantic; it came naturally. I shaved  pieces of chocolate, put the wine and chocolate pairings together, and arranged them with flowers... 

Buon inizio di settimana a tutti!!

“Quando si ama non vi è nulla di meglio 
che dare sempre tutto, 
la propria vita, 
il proprio pensiero, 
il proprio corpo, 
tutto quel che si possiede; 
sentire quel che si dà; 
mettere tutto in gioco 
e poter dare sempre di più”.                                          
(G. de Maupassant)