Monday, November 28, 2011

The background history of Pizza in Montreal, Qc. Canada

One place in Montreal that's not a restaurant, 
but a bakery is Boulangerie Marguerita 
on Clark street. 
They have been baking them since 1910. 
Their pizza is rectangular, 
Rome-style pizza rossa.

Spongy crust and well-balanced, 
heartburn-free tomato sauce. 
All pizza, 
is baked in an old school gas stone deck oven 
which produces 
"old-style Montreal pizza".

Our «Speciale Pizza», 
a robust pizza with pepperoni, 
Italian sausage, mushrooms, bacon, 
(here, onions replaced the bell peppers) 
and black olives. 
The pepperoni, crisp and sliced thinly, 
is hidden underneath the cheese 
(a classic Montreal touch). 
The chewier discs of spicy Calabrese sausage 
sits alongside sweet onions and sliced black olives. 
The tasty sauce, 
spread up to the edges of the crust, 
has the concentrated, rounded flavor of a cooked 
Italian-style tomato sauce.

A classic Montreal pizza is characterized by its excess of almost everything: too much sauce, cheese, and toppings; all haphazardly piled onto a thick, dense crust. There's definitely nothing fancy about it. Many Quebeckers profess a nostalgic affection for the doughy slices, but it's just bad pizza: an oily, unyielding crust, rubbery industrial cheese, and overall greasy sheen. Usually the cheese is sloppily piled above the toppings, creating a messy, top-heavy, and structurally unsound slice.

A well-balanced version of the classic Montreal "all-dressed" style. The multiple layers of pepperoni are tucked underneath the cheese, while the rest of the toppings perched above. It is hearty, unpretentious, and delicious.

Pizza Napoletana in the Little Italy sector of Montreal, 
is supposed to be the oldest pizzeria in Montreal.  
«Their crust is too thin. There is too little cheese. And the ingredients are on the top.» 
according to many!

Our Seafood Calzone ...

For us, pizza represents approximately 5% of our turnover. 
The reason we still make pizza is because 
it is very good and well-liked by our customers. 
My dad started making pizza in the early 60's. 
When working in an Italian restaurant in the east-end 
of Montreal. 
Over time he became the "Chef" of the restaurant 
and he passed down his know how to me. 
And the tradition continues ...

Italian immigrants 
brought pizza to the United States, 
but it was mostly confined to small areas of the Northeast. 
Once in America, 
the pizza stretched out to 18 inches 
in diameter or more. 
The first pizzeria opened in New York City 
in 1896 at 53-1/2 Spring Street. 
Yet pizza did not really gain popularity outside 
the Northeast until returning World War II 
servicemen returned from their tours in Italy 
with a hankering for the pizza 
they enjoyed in Naples. 

CCR e John Fogerty erano i miei preferiti. 
Bruce Springsteen è semplicemente fantastico 
collaborando con John 
e condividere questa bellissima canzone ... 
Buon ascolto!