Sunday, December 11, 2011

The LEGEND of the TIRAMISÙ ...

The tiramisu (tiramisù in Italian, from tirami sù, "pull me up", or more poetically "take me to heaven") is an original Italian dessert.

There are many theories about the origins of tiramisu : 
five regions of Italy ...
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
and Tuscany

Among the legends about the origins of tiramisu, one finds one that traces its invention in the late sixteenth century, in Tuscany, during the visit of the Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III de Medici in Florence.

The Duke made ​​tiramisu his favorite dessert, bringing the recipe to the court of Florence, from where it spread in to Veneto, Treviso and Venice. It is in Treviso that the mascarpone is added to the recipe ...

It is in the eighteenth century that it began to be known outside of Italy with many authors of books of Italian cuisine, which popularized the addition to the recipe called «boudoir» ladyfingers biscuits.

Another legend says that during the Venetian Renaissance the Venetians made the tiramisu to eat it with their lovers at night, thinking it would give them more energy during sex. A more prosaic version says, that it is the Venetian prostitutes, working above the cafes, who would have purchased it at night to restore their energy.

A theory still more prosaic is the one explaining that the dessert was simply a way to take advantage of leftover cake and coffee that became cold so as not to waste it. Just add a little liquor to make the hard cake softer and then cover everything with cream or mascarpone.

Others say that the dessert is a recent invention, made in 1971 in Treviso in the restaurant «The Beccherie», or his rival also trévisen, «El Toulà».

According to another tradition, this is the basic recipe for a convalescing consisting of egg yolk and alcohol that would have changed over time.

In Emilia Romagna there exists a lighter version, made with cream, ladyfingers and with flakes or chocolate chips inside. 
It is called 
«crema della duchessa or zuppa della duchessa».

My recipe for Tiramisù ...
(For 5 to 7 people)

6 eggs
120g granulated sugar
2 (+ +) tablespoon Amaretto 
80 ladyfinger biscuits
unsweetened cocoa
500g mascarpone
1 (+ +) cup strong coffee 
1 pinch of salt

The dish: large and with high sides.

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt.
Mix the egg yolks and sugar until the paste becomes white.
Add the mascarpone and the tablespoon of amaretto.
Incorporate gently the egg whites.
In a hallow bowl, quickly dip the two sides ladyfinger biscuits in a mixture of amaretto and coffee.
Place a layer of cake, a layer of cream and sprinkle with chocolate, then another layer, repeat another layer ...
Refrigerate about 8 hours.

Il Sole Esiste per Tutti ...

Raccoglimi ...
quando non riuscirò ad aprire le ali
trattienimi sui palmi delle mani ed
insegnami come si può veramente volare

Un gruppo di adolescenti italiani Piero Barone (17 anni) di Sicilia, Ignazio Boschetto di Bologna (16 anni) e Gianluca Ginoble dell'Abruzzo (16 anni) La prestazione di Il Volo di 
'O Sole Mio 
durante la rappresentazione in diretta di American Idol.