Monday, February 27, 2012

Castello di Brolio : 1141 to the present day... de 1141 à aujourd'hui...

Italian wines...
A marriage of tradition and innovation, indigenous and international grape varieties.
Italy: We like it for what it is and what it becomes!

Tuscany is one of the most lovely region in Italy thanks to its history, landscapes, cities of art, monuments, food and wine.

By rich family history I mean that Barone Ricasoli is the 4th oldest family owned business in the world. Oh, also the oldest family owned winery in the world. 
The Barone Ricasoli estate, which dates back to 1141, is essentially a picturesque wine-castle located in the Tuscan hills at Brolio (between Florence and Siena).

The more involved I become in the world of wine, the more I come to realize how much there is yet to learn... I like to move outside my comfort zone, take a risk and check out wines. Push my own limits and to share my experiences!

Pasta is very versatile with wine and it is the sauces you need to bear in mind. With tomato based dishes, fruity Italian reds such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo or Barbera make an excellent choice, as do many young sangiovese wines, including Chianti. 


(90 points, James Suckling)
With a full, complex structure, which makes this wine excellent with pasta dishes.

Intense ruby-red colour. It shows a velvety palette of blackcurrant, black mulberry, tobacco and pepper aromas. A rich and potent taste in the mouth with smooth tannins, warm texture. Long mineral finish with pleasant fruit and mineral touches.

A good companion for pastas and pizzas at the Italian restaurant 
Baffetto de Roma!

Our customers are Big fans of this great Chianti!