Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Drink Responsibly...

by PatrickBroders, 3 

Alcohol in the form of beer, wine, spirits, is consumed by many North Americans and by people in many other cultures around the world.  Drinking, like eating, has some guidelines to help us get more enjoyment out of the activity. Responsible drinking means that we never have to feel sorry for what has happened while drinking. A few hints to help us drink responsibly and derive more enjoyment and pleasure from drinking if we choose to consume alcohol.

«Moderation has much better taste.»
We do not repeat it often enough. But deep down what is moderation? According to the organization "Éduc'alcool", making it its main battle horse, it is about alcohol and knowing yourself. So why not test our knowledge of the subject matter to be fully prepared to cope with the new year!

Eat food while drinking. It is particularly good to eat high protein foods such as cheese, which help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system. Many cultures (like us Italians) consume alcohol only with food to prevent various problems...

Question: Which of the following three drinks contains the most alcohol?

1) One glass of beer (341 ml with 5% alcohol;
2) One glass of wine (142 ml with 12% alcohol);
3) One glass of liquor (43 ml with 40% alcohol).

Answer: these three drinks, which are defined as a "consumption" have exactly the same alcohol content!

Photo: Blueyeda73 / Flickr

Do you know the alcohol content of your favorite consumption?
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Simple words reflect great thoughts, warm and heartfelt wishes for the new year to all from our team!