Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dolcetto d'Alba & Hot Italian Sausage

The Wine Dolcetto DOC is an everyday wine of Piedmont and used for every meal...

Prunotto Dolcetto d'Alba 2008

Alcohol percentage: 12.5%
Dry, medium-bodied and fruity

Tasting notes...
It displays a purplish red color with good intensity. Powerful on the nose it exhales perfumes of dominant blackberry. One can also find subtle scents of spices. Showing a bright acidity, this red is equipped with tannins rather dry. It reveals itself smooth on the palate ending slightly persistent.

Dolcetto DOC is available in different types depending on the production area: Dolcetto d 'Alba, Asti, Dogliani, Acqui, Ovada, Diano d'Alba, Langhe Monregalesi,Tortona hills, Pinerolo, the Langhe and Monferrato. The most popular is the Dolcetto d'Alba. Its name is not about a sweet wine, though the name seems to say the opposite. It is so named because the grapes grow well on the "bumps" or "duset" in Piedmont, like all good grapes.

Its well structured shape and its fruity scents make it a pleasant wine, to enjoy with any meal. We like to suggest this wine with our Italian sausage appetizer.

For a map of the 
production area:

Here are the Ingredients for our Hot Italian Sausage:
1 Kg of Pork loin
450 g of Pork fat trimmings
2 Tablespoons of fennel seeds
1 Tablespoon of finely minced garlic
4 Teaspoons of salt
2 Teaspoons of fresh ground black pepper
1 Teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper
1 Teaspoon crushed hot chili peppers
a pinch of freshly ground paprika

Spicy enough for those who love spicy, but not too spicy for those who can't stand too much "heat". Very flavorful!
Our regulars like to indulge themselves in our Italian sausage!