Thursday, March 14, 2013

Incorrect coffee & Scotch whisky

"The more you throw it down and the more it picks you up."
I pretty certain, all of us remember the popular motto referring to the coffee.

The coffee arrived from the Middle East in Venice in 1615,  the almost universal ritual of the black drink in the little cup... 

A seemingly unstoppable success, that of the bitter potion: Yet, even the coffee fell to the fate of being the center of controversy, and accusations. If his supporters, perhaps with some exaggeration, they presented it as an excellent remedy for curing diseases of the stomach and liver, and to strengthen the heart sound to eliminate dropsy, to combat the itch, the pains of the spleen, pulmonary inflammation, worms and a host of other physical problems, they did not lack the fiercest critics of the dark beverage that come from the Middle East.

A good coffee awakens the senses. Its aroma promises just what the flavor will capture: nuances and different notes depending on the origin of the blend... all of them characterized by the same genuine passion. A good espresso comes from an ancient ritual that technology has now made just perfect. To evaluate the quality of a coffee it is necessary to rely on your senses: sight, smell and taste. It is a test that must be performed in a precise manner...

How to recognize it? 
Working out the senses: tasting an espresso is also an art.
The consumers of espresso coffee judge and identify the drink in the following ways:
- soft
- velvety
- full-bodied
- intense
- strong
- sweet
- aromatic

The Caffè Corretto:
obtained with a small addition of grappa or brandy often accompanied at the end of a meal as a digestive.

A ritual that certainly started years ago is the 

"Caffè Scorretto" 
(Incorrect coffee). 

After having drunk your espresso coffee there 
always remains a little bit of the cream of the coffee around the little cup, therefore adding a little Scotch whisky to rinse the little cup makes your coffee "scoretto",