Monday, May 13, 2013

Cannerozzetti Divella

About Divella Pasta...

Since 1890, an old experience, Italian traditions, the best quality of wheat has been the one chosen by Divella to make its soft wheat flour and durum wheat semolina for the different types of pasta.

The potential of Divella in numbers:
• Divella has almost 8% of the domestic pasta market share;
• Every year Divella produces 150 000 tons of pasta;
• Every year 30 000 tons are exported to the five continents;
• 1350 tons of wheat are grineded per day;
• Over 150 shapes of durum wheat pasta are made;
• For years Divella takes first place in Italy and its islands;

The inauguration in 1990 of their new ultra-modern pasta factory and 3 mills consolidated their position as the 2nd largest producer of pasta in Italy.

Divella also has a large choice of flours, cereals, rice, tomato products, oils and vinegars.

Cannerozzetti pasta with Artichokes and Provola cheese

My recipe, 
with this relatively rare type of tubed pasta 
with ridges down the sides.

Food ingredients

400 grams of cannerozzetti
4 large artichokes
200g of tomato pulp
100 grams of sweet provola cheese
grated Parmesan cheese
1 clove of garlic


In a saucepan put the minced garlic to brown with the oil, after a few moments add the artichokes previously cleansed and put into water and lemon and then cut into julienne strips.

Allow to brown for a few seconds and then add the tomato pulp with two or three glasses of water that will allow the artichoke cook well without drying out.

Once the sauce has reduced it means that the artichoke is cooked, then add salt cover and keep aside.

Meanwhile cook the cannerozzetti in salted water and  drain them slightly al dente.

Pour into the pan and then pour the sauce with the artichokes the  coarsely grated provola cheese and a little of the cooking water at low heat, turning them frequently so that provola cheese melts.

Place on the plate... and add grated Parmesan cheese to your pleasure!