Monday, January 6, 2014

A feeling of belonging ...

Deep in the subconscious of the one known as Homo Sapien, is a concept that is as natural as breathing. So natural in fact that most yearn for it, search for it in an obsessive manner in order to obtain it. All while unconscious of the driving force behind their actions, a feel and need to belong somewhere.

This New Year, is the start of our 23rd year and we are always proud to speak with remarkable passion of our love for Italian cuisine. So, let me ask you: When is the last time a restaurant chain has ever given you the feeling of belonging?

What is art?
Taking photos demands the photographer to take a more conscious look at what's before him, than simply gazing at what's before him. Thus this awakes and enables the photographer to discover his own inner light to shoot pictures in totally inappropriate situations.That is the art of being and doing.

 Is cooking an art?

Absolutely, cooking good food keeps our customers loyal to us by way of unique and luscious recipes using original-yet-ground-breaking ingredients. Cooking is an inexact science, and this is where the art comes in. 

Why so? 
Because cooking requires creativity, and art is due to the creative mind of a person. The taste itself is an art, meaning that what you truly cook is an art and that not everyone is capable of doing. Cooking can be provocative, but it is the rare chef who makes food that is deliberately distasteful or that seeks to outrage people, as great art often does.

Cooking, like the art of negotiation, the art of politics, even the art of war, is clearly a skill attained by study, practice, and observation. Cooking is, an admirable craft. That is what the great 19th-century master chef Carême, who codified French haute cuisine, meant when he titled his five-volume encyclopedia "L'Art de la Cuisine Française".

Cooking might well enlighten a person to new business possibilities. The reason I'm writing this is because I have been operating in the industry for over 30 years, as chef cook, 

administrator and sommelier together with my wife. The time has come for us to consider retiring.

Our restaurant is a great business opportunity for a young Chef with talent, willing to go in business and become self-employed. We are selling the parcel of land, the building and for those who are interested a fully equipped restaurant in operation since 1991. Located alongside the "Boulevard de Bromont" (the main road of the town). Opposite a large supermarket, a pharmacy, a medical clinic, a bank and a shop. At, 152 meters from the police station, the fire station and town hall.

A little info about Bromont ...

Bromont is situated in the "Eastern Townships" of Québec, a 45 minutes drive south of downtown Montreal. 

"Bromont, figuring as one of the youngest towns in Quebec. Known for its dynamism both at the industrial level and recreation and tourism level. The town has experienced a boom in recent years. Visitors flock for its natural environment and for the practice of various sports such as skiing, horseback riding, biking, hiking and more. For its citizens, the term "quality of life" takes on a sense of uniqueness, with 8,000 permanent residents and 2,000 seasonal residents and with over 2,000,000 visitors per year."


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I would like to wish everyone plenty of good health for the new year.

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