Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Would you like a dessert?

Your answer may depend on the waistline of your server. Tim Doering's team, nutrition researcher from Cornell University in the United States, evaluated the choice of 497 customers in 60 restaurants. Those who ordered from the most corpulent servers were four times more likely to have a dessert.

Our 6 layer Carrot Cake is an excellent carrot cake, thick extra soft, very tasty, full of crisp and melting textures.

Whether you want to eat a chocolate cake or a fruitcake, 
or a more sophisticated 6 layer cake with carrots, 
your Easter meal must end in beauty.

The carrot cake is basically an English cake, but was developed considerably in Canada after the Second World War. Today all restaurants have a carrot cake on their dessert menu. 
Even an Italian restaurant like us!

We serve this 6 layer carrot cake 
on a chilled plate 
drizzled with caramel sauce.