Monday, July 11, 2016

"VEGAN" ...


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Here's how and why, a man decided one day to change his life and the lives of millions of people around the world!

Donald Watson was born September 2, 1910 and died November 16, 2005 at the age of 95 years.

He became a vegetarian in 1924, that is, when he was 14, then moved to Veganism about 20 years later.

Donald Watson was born in Mexborough in Yorkshire, in a "carnivorous" family, as he liked to say.

By profession he was a teacher, but in the vegetarian world he is known for having created the "Vegan Revolution".

In fact it's thanks to him the birth of the "Vegan Society", in London in 1944. (initially enrolled were 25 people, now there are millions) of "Vegan's" and the introduction of a lifestyle without meat, dairy, and eggs. The co-founder with him was Elsie Shrigley.

His first experiences on the family farm, where they bred pigs, brought him very early to change his eating habits.

Shocked by their cries, at age 14 Watson decided not to eat meat again, the eating way which he held until his death.

Working in the fields he began using a pitchfork, instead of a shovel to dig in an effort of not killing even the worms. 

This choice has certainly influenced his life, leading him to avoid participating in the Second World War calling himself a conscientious objector.

In a small room in his home in Leicester City, in late November 1944 the writings in which he expressed his beliefs and his efforts, became a small publication on which the first page read:

"The price of this newsletter is two pennies, the annual fee is one shilling."

The interim title was "Vegan", a word derived by using the start and end of the word "Vegetarian".

In the first issue he wrote:
"The unquestionable violence associated with the production of dairy products, has made it clear that the lacto-vegetarian diet is a middle ground between the carnivorous diet and civilized human diet. For this reason, during the course of life on this earth, we should strive to perform a complete journey. "

The title of the subsequent publication became:
"The Vegan News".

In 2002, during an interview he was asked what he considered his greatest achievement and he replied: 

"Unavoidably getting up one morning over the next 10 years I will not wake up. There will be a funeral, there will be many people and the spirit of many animals that I have never eaten. 
And it will be a big funeral!".

The "Vegan Society" (now present throughout the world), is the first commercial trademark for identifying products consistent with the vegan choice.